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How it all started at The Birth and Baby Company...

We are Vicki and Jilly, experienced parent and baby coaches with a combined 20 years of experience. Through antenatal and postnatal education, we empower pregnant woman and people, partners, and parents-to-be. Providing them with practical tools and techniques for a confident journey through pregnancy, birth, and the first few years with their little one.

We were both drawn to the birth world, through our passion to support others. Our paths crossed in 2018 during a year-long upgrade to our antenatal education qualifications. Since then, we've supported each other in our local businesses, but a burning desire has always fuelled us: to spread the word about the importance of quality antenatal and postnatal support. We believe everybody deserves access to this vital support system, from the very beginning of pregnancy, through the postnatal period and continuing throughout those early months and years.

Traditionally, antenatal classes are offered in the third
trimester, which is often too late, leaving parents feeling unprepared. With an increasingly medicalised healthcare system, navigating pregnancy requires knowledge and confidence. Learning about the physical and mental changes, preparing for birth (ideally with a range of scenarios in mind), all takes time.

With a recent study showing that 4-5% of women experienced PTSD as a result of childbirth, antenatal preparation was identified as a key preventative factor. However with almost a third of parents not being offered antenatal classes through their NHS trust and the cost of private antenatal classes in excess of £400 in some areas, unfortunately antenatal classes are not always accessible.

With many classes prioritising the social aspect of becoming a parent, or having a heavy focus on the medical side of birth, many parents feel overwhelmed with information but without the practical tools and strategies they truly need, such as how to potentially avoid interventions or advocate for their preferences during childbirth. Ideally, antenatal classes should strike a balance between medical knowledge and practical tools for a positive birth experience, including
natural pain management techniques, movement exercises, communication skills for advocating with healthcare providers, and different birthing positions.

Antenatal classes should empower parents to approach birth with confidence and a sense of agency, even when faced with unexpected situations.

At The Birth and Baby Company, we do things a little differently..

We believe that antenatal education shouldn't be left to the last few weeks but should start as soon as you are pregnant. Learning how to connect with your body though movement, mindset & knowledge to create a positive pregnancy and birth experience.

We provide antenatal education that is modern, realistic and evidenced based. Unlike other antenatal courses, we start with early pregnancy, moving all the way through to life with a toddler. We ensure parents understand the birth process, the potential outcomes, the physical and mental changes during pregnancy, how to prepare for a positive birth experience (while being adaptable). All of which should be an absolute priority for expectant parents!

This is exactly what we've been teaching our local communities for the past decade. And now, we're determined to bring this knowledge to a wider audience. We offer high-quality, evidence-based antenatal education, tools, techniques, and unbiased postnatal support – from early pregnancy all the way through toddlerhood.


So why should you work with us?

Providing your employees with valuable antenatal and postnatal support as part of your corporate benefit or employee benefit package, will not only empower the expectant and new parents within your workforce, but also contribute to a happier, healthier, and more productive work environment.

Investing in your employees' well-being through antenatal and postnatal support programs demonstrates your commitment to a positive work-life balance. It can lead to increased employee retention, reduced stress levels, and a more engaged workforce. Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor our programs to your company's specific needs and help you create a unique, comprehensive employee benefit package!

Meet the team

I'm Vicki


Antenatal & Postnatal Teacher

Birth & Postnatal Doula

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

I started my career in the corporate world, working in sales management for a number of large FMCG businesses. However after the birth of my second child in 2013, I found myself being drawn to the world of birth work. Up to that point, my birth experiences had not been great and I soon realised I wasn't alone. I felt that something had to change and late one night found myself booking on to an antenatal teacher training course,

11 years on I am now a birth & baby educator, pregnancy yoga teacher, breastfeeding supporter and a birth & postnatal doula. Over this time I have had the privilege of supporting hundreds of families through pregnancy, birth & the early postnatal period.

I am passionate about ensuring parents can access evidence based information, so they feel prepared for the journey ahead and empowered to make the choices that are right for them.

I'm Jilly


Antenatal & Postnatal Teacher

Pre & Postnatal Exercise Specialist

Babywearing consultant

My career started as a marketing and advertising manager, delivering marketing and advertising campaigns for many luxury worldwide brands. Pregnancy in that fast paced environment was difficult, navigating work pressures alongside an anxious and complex pregnancy.

After a difficult birth experience, I trained as a hypnobirthing teacher and as a pre and postnatal exercise specialist and have been supporting families in this way, through pregnancy, birth and early parenting since 2014.

My passion lies in setting people and families up for a confident pregnancy, birth, postnatal period. By combining knowledge about how the body works and evidence based education on the process, the interventions and the maternity system, families can feel prepared to make choices that fit their family.

I am also an experienced babywearing consultant and infant development specialist. This knowledge of infant development has allowed me to help families confidently navigate into toddlerhood and beyond.

Lead the change.

Why offering antenatal education will benefit your workforce.

Offering pregnancy and birth education as a company benefit demonstrates a commitment to supporting employees during a significant life change. This support fosters a positive and inclusive company culture, attracting and retaining top talent.

Pregnancy and birth education empowers employees to make informed choices about their health, reducing stress and promoting healthy pregnancies. This translates to fewer complications, better experiences and a smoother transition to parenthood.

Offering pregnancy and birth education positions your company as a progressive and family-friendly employer. This can be a significant differentiator in a competitive job market, attracting top talent who value work-life balance and employer support.

Pregnancy and birth knowledge and support can significantly improve the mental and emotional well-being of expecting and new parents. Reduced stress and a sense of control can positively impact employees' overall health and ability to manage work effectively.

Our support and education equips employees with knowledge and coping mechanisms for the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy and parenthood. This leads to a more confident and focused workforce, potentially boosting productivity.

Pregnancy and childbirth can be emotionally demanding times. Our pregnancy and birth education programmes include topics like stress management, anxiety reduction, and coping mechanisms for the emotional and physical changes that occur.

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